Garage – Collective Platform for Independent Artists
Garage is a collective platform created in 2010 by five Bulgarian artists active in the field of choreography, performance and dance.
Photos by Ani Collier.
The main goal of the organization is to create a working system for the choreography, performance and dance field, offering safety, quality and proper conditions in terms of independent artists labour. Garage is working on artistic projects and creative practices, educational programs, laboratories and the expansion of public spaces for contemporary dance and performance.


Garage members and co-founders:
Aleksandar Georgiev
Zhana Pencheva
Denitsa Dikova
Irena Tsvetanova
Nikolina Todorova


Garage is a member of:
ACT– Association for Independent Theatre, Sofia, Bulgaria.
UBA – Union of the Bulgarian Actors, Sofia, Bulgaria.



*Information about Garage will be completed and updated as soon as possible. All Garage activity will be documented and available soon in Archive section*